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Spiderman Rebooted!

I personally hate and like the reboot idea. I hate that Tobey isnt going to be Spiderman anymore because he is the only one for the part. Also the franchise was great it didnt need to start over. I dont want it to go back to high school i hate that idea, just pick up where it left off. I also like the idea of a reboot because Kirsten Dunst isnt playing MJ anymore. Another thing is that they can give venom another try but this time him as the one and only villain.

The Director that will helm this reboot is:

Marc Webb

Tobey Maguire is the only person that can play Peter Parker!

Now that Kirsten is no more here’s who I want to play MJ:

Mary Jane Watson is suppose to be sexy and Kirsten Dunst clearly was not.

Danneel Harris from One Tree Hill. She has the right look for MJ, shes a good actress, and shes hot! Better looking than Kirsten Dunst. I would have chose her initially to star alongside Tobey Maguire. She is my favorite right now.

Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. I dont know why but I can just see her play MJ too. Its weird. She can definitely pull off the high school look.

Hayden Panettiere if she transformed her hair color it could work…..


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Spiderman 4 and Beyond: The Future of Spiderman Films

You can put any kind of ideas you have in this Post and put anything you feel like putting in even a script or whatever. I know I’m going to post my story on here and I hope you guys do too

The Villains and people that would work for me:

The Vulture, if he does becomes a live action Villain in Spiderman this is a good design for him except the green, maybe?

The Lizard and Kraven the Hunter together, it makes sense they fit well with each other

Spiderman teams up with Black Cat to stop the Chameleon like in Spectacular Spiderman

Venom and Carnage together (or Venom just by himself)(not sure about Carnage though)

Villains that would not work for me:

The Rhino (he’s cool but I don’t see it)

Hobgoblin (he can be a Villain but I say no more Goblins just yet)

The Scorpion (I’m thinking he might work and he might not work I don’t know)

Morbius (no way, no way, no way! I don’t care what anyone says)

I think The Shocker and Electro would make a good pair but in the movies? The Shocker maybe? but not Electro

Mysterio (he is the one I had trouble with with the Sinister Six he can work but by himself?)

I’d like to see the Sinister Six but the only way that could happen is if Mysterio is behind it, making the illusion of the other five to start and finding a way to make them real and there, thats how I would do it

If I had the choice I would remake Spiderman 3 and improve it I would take out Sandman, take out Venom, keep the black suit, focus more on Harry being the villain, no emo dancing shit, no trouble with MJ, introduce Eddie Brock as Pete’s childhood friend and develop his character so that he begins to hate Pete and then turn into Venom.

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