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Spiderman Rebooted!

I personally hate and like the reboot idea. I hate that Tobey isnt going to be Spiderman anymore because he is the only one for the part. Also the franchise was great it didnt need to start over. I dont want it to go back to high school i hate that idea, just pick up where it left off. I also like the idea of a reboot because Kirsten Dunst isnt playing MJ anymore. Another thing is that they can give venom another try but this time him as the one and only villain.

The Director that will helm this reboot is:

Marc Webb

Tobey Maguire is the only person that can play Peter Parker!

Now that Kirsten is no more here’s who I want to play MJ:

Mary Jane Watson is suppose to be sexy and Kirsten Dunst clearly was not.

Danneel Harris from One Tree Hill. She has the right look for MJ, shes a good actress, and shes hot! Better looking than Kirsten Dunst. I would have chose her initially to star alongside Tobey Maguire. She is my favorite right now.

Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. I dont know why but I can just see her play MJ too. Its weird. She can definitely pull off the high school look.

Hayden Panettiere if she transformed her hair color it could work…..


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